Our Story

Meet Our Team Members Who Are Dedicated, Innovative & Passionate to Prioritize the Health & Well-being of Pet.

Mamai Founder


Our visionary named John Mamai embarked on a remarkable journey to finding a solution to the rising health issues faced by cats due to subpar pet food in the market. Passionate about the well-being of his beloved feline companions, John spending for over eight years to researched & experimented, formulating his own pet food using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. His cats thrived on these carefully crafted meals, never experiencing any health problems. It was a revelation—a testament to the power of nutrition in transforming the lives of pets.


Filled with confidence & determination, John's path crossed with a partner who possessed a precious resource—access to a consistent supply of fresh fish, a vital ingredient in his formulations. Recognizing the potential of their collaboration, they joined forces, aligning their expertise & resources.

With John's formulation prowess & his partner's supply of fresh fish, they established a state-of-the-art pet food factory in Sabah, Malaysia.


Their dedication did not go unnoticed. In 2022, the prestigious competition for the best pet food formulation in the Asia Pacific region beckoned. Months of anticipation culminated in a moment of triumph, they were awarded the illustrious title of Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2022.

Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2022 2024

Today, Sogigisom Sdn. Bhd. stands tall as a symbol of passion, collaboration, & a shared vision for pet health. John Mamai's unwavering dedication, coupled with his partner's invaluable supply of fresh fish, has laid the foundation for a healthier future for pets. As their pet food continues to nourish & uplift pets' lives, Sogigisom Sdn. Bhd. remains committed to the well-being & happiness of pets everywhere, driven by the belief that every pet deserves the very best.