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Introducing Mamai Cat Kibbles, the epitome of feline nutrition crafted with utmost care & dedication. Our kibbles are designed to provide your beloved cats with a holistic diet that nourishes their bodies, enhances their well-being, & safeguards their health.

At the heart of our formula lies the power of fish protein, with an impressive content of 35-40%. We understand the significance of quality protein in cats' diets, & our kibbles deliver it in abundance. Sourced from the bountiful oceans, the fish protein in Mamai Cat Kibbles provides essential amino acids that support muscle development, fortify bones & structures, & promote overall vitality. But that's not all.

The result? Cats nourished with Mamai Cat Kibbles thrive. Their coats shine with radiance, their skin boasts of health, & their bones & muscles develop strong & resilient. Our carefully curated blend of ingredients aids in fortifying their immune systems, reducing the likelihood of diseases & ensuring their longevity.


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Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart & makes us the ideal partner in nourishing your cats' health & happiness.

We believe in going above & beyond when it comes to quality. Mamai Cat Kibbles are meticulously crafted with premium ingredients sourced from trusted local farmers & the bountiful oceans. Our high fish protein content of 35-40% ensures a nutrient-rich diet that supports muscle development, bone strength, & overall vitality.

Holistic Nutrition
Uncompromising Freshness
Trusted Expertise
Trust & Transparency




Capturing the Freshest Catch & Sending to Our Jetty
Immersed in our pursuit of uncompromising quality, we embark on the first step of our meticulous process. Seasoned fishermen, secure the freshest catch, ensuring its pristine quality remains untarnished. The bounty of the ocean is swiftly transported to our dedicated jetty, where anticipation fills the air, awaiting the commencement.


Exacting Quality Control & Transportation to Our Cool Room
Our dedicated team of experts examines each fish, subjecting it to rigorous quality control measures. They ensure that only the finest specimens proceed to the next phase of our process. The chosen fish are transported to our regulated cool room. Within its cool embrace,the fish is safeguarded, preserving its unrivaled freshness & nutritional vitality.


Transforming Fresh Ingredients into Exquisite Kibbles
Within the heart of our processing factory, we transform the selected fish into extraordinary kibbles. Adhering to stringent hygiene protocols & employing machinery, they preserve the fish's innate nutritional value while crafting kibbles that tantalize the feline palate. This delicate alchemy of science & artistry ensures that each kibble brims with optimal nourishment, serving as a testament to our unwavering dedication to feline well-being.


Distinction through Batch Labeling & Distribution
We bestow each batch of Mamai Cat Kibbles with a mark of distinction. Our labelling process imparts vital information, enabling traceability & quality assurance. With the utmost care, our dedicated distribution team packages & swiftly dispatches the finished products. Across the vast tapestry of our network, Mamai Cat Kibbles journey to the awaiting hands of our esteemed customers. The culmination of our process ensures that each customer receives a testament to our commitment to quality and the well-being of their cherished feline companions.